• 2007-04-21










    Second chance, last one


       He said, do you know the difference between Oxford University and the City University?

       Some students answered, much better! We laughed at that time.

       But the Professor was so serious. He told us, the important difference is, if you were in Oxford, you would be flung out!

       That is the real truth.

       I had not thought about this question since I used to find excuse for myself.


       It began from a tutorial assignment.

       Professor was so nice. Considering our part-time identity with limited study time, he assigned an easy homework.

       As the plan, I should submit the answer sheet before Easter Holiday. But, I did not recall this thing until the day before.

       The same as you can imagine that I submitted a careless answer which disappointed our nice teacher.

       He said, I want to give you high grade, but I can not.

       I even made stupid typing mistakes!


       After the remarks mentioned above, he gave all classmates the second chance. We can do another optional assignment. According to this, he will use the higher grade.

       So, no excuse this time……